Why I Have Two Blogs


I wasn't planning on posting this.

Truth be told, I'm mad shy about the personal stuff I share online and even with my DIY projects or posts about lettering, I always have a moment of second-guessing myself right before I hit "publish."

For fellow bloggers, do you get that too?

But now that Drawn to DIY is on its 10th month and continues to receive thousands of supportive visitors (Thank you!), I feel like I owe it to you to pull the curtain so to speak and share what goes on on my side of the screen.

For those of you who don't know me, I have a background in business development and research. I work/ed at large corporations as either an assistant, consultant, or strategist, and I love what I do.

But like so many others in their late 20s, I wanted a well-rounded life. I wanted to push myself to try new things, fail faster, and maybe rediscover that artistic inclination I once had when I was a kid.  

You see, I don't consider myself creative but I firmly believe that growth happens outside of your comfort zone. So I started Drawn to DIY last May as a creative outlet, a "learn out loud" online journal of experiments and sometimes useful projects. 

It's been really fun and interesting but as I mentioned in this month's '3 Takeaways' post, I started a second blog last month called Productive and Free.

I just felt like I've learned so much in the past years that I ought to share these insights and help others who might be interested. After all, P+F has been a lot easier to start and manage compared to Drawn to DIY mainly because this is within my comfort zone.

P+F is full of actionable tips, resources, and inspiration on productivity and effectiveness. There are comprehensive guides on how to set and accomplish goals, develop or reshape habits, and other scientifically-proven productivity strategies. There's even a 31-day challenge if you're into that kind of thing!

While the content you'll find in both websites may be quite different, my goal for both blogs is the same: 

To promote finding and doing what you love as a way to live a full and creative life

So if you're into doing creative things, Drawn to DIY is for you. But if you'd like to learn how to make time to do the things, then I invite you to check out Productive and Free.


As always, let me know either in the comments or via email —

What are your thoughts on the two blogs? Which are you *drawn to* more?

Thank you so much for following along!


Forever wishing you a full and creative life,