Three Free Printables and How to Use Them

Three free printables | @DrawntoDIY

To write things down is one of the best practices you can ever implement. 

It helps you capture your thoughts, remember details, overcome overwhelm, process emotions, and yes, even make time for creativity. 

If you've picked out a planner before or listed down some things on a to-do list, then you know what I'm talking about. 

It's unfortunate though that today, to-do lists are viewed as ineffective and fancy planners bought in January often gather cobwebs by March. 

The problem? 

These lists and planners aren’t used to their full advantage. Instead, they’re used as simple scratch paper and not as part of a reliable productivity system.

For this reason, I'm sharing with you three free printables and how to optimize them to make time for creativity and blogging.


I. Free goal-setting printable

Use this printable to list down three main goals you wish to reach or make progress with in one month.

Looking to improve on your brush lettering?
How about learn how to play an instrument?
Or perhaps try a new hobby?

Underneath the goal, determine a timeframe you will give yourself to reach it given your capabilities and resources. Remember, a deadline is necessary to create a sense of urgency otherwise, the tendency is to procrastinate. Lastly, identify concrete actionable steps you will take to reach your goals.  

Make sure to go back to this free goal-setting printable throughout the month to keep track of your progress.


II. Free weekly planner printable

Use this printable to list down and plan your weekly activities.

Ideally, your activities should help move you further along in reaching your goals. Oftentimes you meet someone who never reaches their goal because of the simple fact that what he or she does during their week isn't related to it. So if you notice that you have activities that don't relate to your goals or worse, actually prevents you from reaching them, then it's time to evaluate. 

Make sure you also reward yourself for all your hard work and for being that much closer to your goals.


III. Free daily planner printable

Once you set your goals and map out your activities for the week, it's time to use a daily planner. 

Use this printable to schedule your tasks and activities on a daily basis while keeping in mind the time you allot for each of them. Remember, the point is to make time for creativity or the things you love doing so time blocking is crucial. 

It helps to work on the most important task you have first thing in the morning and do the next activities only after the current one has been completed. This will help you focus and avoid multitasking. At the end of the day, evaluate what you did well, what your lessons are, and what you can improve on the next day. 

And there you have it! 

Let me know if you found this post useful so I can share more like it here on the blog.

For more productivity tips, I'm inviting you to check out where you'll find actionable tips, resources, and inspiration for living a full and creative life. 

I realize that this isn't exactly a DIY project or lettering post but I felt it was necessary to explain the reason I share the three free printables and how I believe they can help with making time for creativity and blogging.

I really hope you enjoy the printables and of course, find them useful!