The Power of Imagination Makes Us Infinite


Hello and welcome to Drawn to DIY!

Last week, I shared a simple brush lettering printable and a DIY wall display for air plants

Now that the blog launch week is over, I'm so excited to share one of the many reasons why DIY is more than projects and crafts. It's a way of life. 

I came from a camping and hiking trip in Yosemite, CA this weekend. Even if that was my fourth time there, that place still renders me speechless! From the towering sequoia trees to the monolith that is El Capitan, it astounds me that so many natural wonders are concentrated in one area and readily accessible to the public.

Although this post is not a Yosemite guide (I'll save that for next time), I wanted to say that if you haven't been, you should definitely go and if you have been there, well, I suggest you go make a trip there again soon. It's definitely one of my favorite places in the world!


While I am grateful to be back home, I woke up this morning with a major Yosemite hangover. I got up and started sketching a quote to somehow capture the experience and share with you guys more than just photos from the trip.


As the Scottish-American environmental activist John Muir said, "The power of imagination makes us infinite" and I couldn't agree more.

As humans, we are capable of thinking of things that have previously been deemed impossible such as electricity, automobiles, and architecture. Imagination enables us to create works of art, literature, and music, and paves the way for innovation and progress. Imagination, indeed, makes us infinite since our creations and actions live on way past our own lifetimes and even inspire others to create and act as well.  


To take things into context, imagination makes DIY projects and crafts possible! It allows us to be resourceful with our materials and re-think the way things are made and used.

How else can DIY-ers use copper pipes as candle holders, or empty wine bottles as flower vases? How about string as pendant lamps, or paint chips as wall art?

So here is my digitized hand lettering free printable to remind you that you're capable of imagining not just new things, but better things as well. 

Today is Monday. How do you imagine this week to be better than the last?   


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See you again this Thursday for a giveaway announcement and this week's DIY which involves spray paint!


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