Respond to Every Call That Excites Your Spirit


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Last week, I posted a free monthly planner printable

Today, I'm continuing to share some lettering using the Tombow Dual Brush pens.  

The Tombow Dual Brush pens are very versatile because they come with a brush pen on one end, and a fine tip marker on the other end. Since I don't consider myself an expert at brush lettering, these pens are great for practicing and experimenting. My only regret is not getting the set with a lot more colors (I only have the 10-pack). 

For this week's printable, I used the brush tip to first write the quote, then I used a darker color of brush pen to mark the right side of the letters. This created a short of shadow effect. But for tiny areas, like the inside of the letters "e" and "a", I used the fine tip marker to be a bit more detailed. 

Next week, I'll share how to do a color block effect—it's really easy!


This week's quote is from Rumi, another favorite of mine. 

Respond to every call the excites your spirit. 

It's quite simple, really. Why are we alive? What are we alive for if not to do things that are fulfilling and give us purpose? We're alive today, right now, definitely not to be sad, to be stuck in a rut, or to be "bored."

Whether it's spending time with your family, playing sports, going on a cruise, honing a skill, reading a new book, or even learning brush lettering, to be alive means to do the things that excite our spirits.

What are some activities right now that you've been meaning to try, to start, or to get back into? Share them below.

Download your free print here


See you again on Thursday for a "statement" wall DIY!


On Sale

As of posting this blog entry, the Tombow dual brush pens are on sale at Amazon*, just in case you wanted to get them and haven't done so yet. 

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