Remember Why You Started


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Last week, I posted a printable using a spotter brush

Today, I'm sharing a quote using the Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen - soft type.

I have both the soft and hard types of the Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens but for printables, I prefer using the soft type. I find these Tombow pens easier to control because they work just like regular pens. No need to worry about ink or water flow and the strokes are so fine and thin that many people actually use this for sketching.

Right now, I am working on making my strokes consistent. As you can see, both my up strokes and down strokes are still a bit shaky. With more practice, I hope to gain confidence and limit the jagged lines.       


I chose to share this particular quote this last week of July because you guys, I've been blogging for almost three months now! It has been such an amazing experience so far because looking back, I definitely learned a lot and overcame quite a number of obstacles.

The feeling of discovering something that combines many things I love doing is incredible and to be able to keep it up for three months, well, I'm surprised at myself.

I know for you established bloggers out there, three months is NOTHING. But I just wanted to record this "small win" today so next time I face a new blogging obstacle, all I have to do is recall this feeling and remember why I started in the first place.


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If you're a blogger, what are your tips for going past the three-month mark? If you're not a blogger, how do you find the blog so far?

See you again on Thursday for a handy beach-themed item to take to the, well, beach!