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If you're looking to plan your days, organize your activities, and make time to do the things you love, then you've come to the right place.

A few weeks ago, I surveyed my awesome readers and asked if they were at all interested in other designs of printables. I already offer some free ones on the blog so I was unsure at first how they would react. Then I realized all that worrying was for nothing because...

Hundreds took the time and responded YES, they did want more!

(I'm so blown away and incredibly grateful for you guys, you know who you are!)


New 2018 printables are now available!



And so today, I'm sharing one set of printables in a minimalist / black and white theme [they chose this design, too. I told you they're awesome. ;) ]. This includes 12 kinds of printables with a total of 48 pages (I think I got a tiny bit carried away).

The best part about all this is that instead of setting a fixed price (the survey results varied from the lowest to as high as $30 for each kind of printable), YOU get to decide how much they're worth. So even if the whole set of printables is valued at $35, you can choose to pay $1, $5, $10, $20, $30, even $50+ if you want. Hehe

My reason for adopting this "Pay What You Want" pricing is that I believe everyone deserves to live full and creative lives and call me crazy but I think printables can definitely help in that area. Printables, when used effectively, can help you be productive and free to do the things you love to do! And in my opinion, money shouldn't get in the way of doing just that. :)

Here is what you'll receive —


A total of 48 pages / 12 kinds of printables:

  1. YEARLY calendar
  2. YEARLY important dates sheet
  3. MONTHLY calendar (full page)
  4. MONTHLY calendar (desktop size)
  5. MONTHLY planner (all months of 2017)
  6. MONTHLY planner (blank template)
  7. WEEKLY planner (10 pages with different motivational quotes)
  8. WEEKLY time map
  9. WEEKLY to-do list
  10. HABIT TRACKER (monthly)
  11. HABIT TRACKER (weekly)
  12. DAILY planner

All files are U.S. letter-sized and in PDF file format. Of course, feel free to print as many copies as you like but I've also included some blank templates so you can use them well past 2017.


In case you're wondering, the survey results ranked minimalist as the #1 favorite design of my readers, black+white+gold as #2, and pastel as #3. I find it pretty cool since these are also my brand colors. :)

Thanks so much for dropping by!

Share in the comments below: What are your thoughts about PWYW pricing? Are you into minimalist printables too?