Oscars 2017 Printables

2017 Oscars Printables @DrawntoDIY

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Last week, I made an easy mudcloth design DIY and today, I'm sharing a free two-page printable.

This Sunday marks the 89th annual Academy Awards ceremony and I'm guessing you're just as stoked as I am.

While I haven't watched all of the movies nominated this year yet (I'll try catching up this Friday), it's still always exciting to guess which ones would win under each category.  

So go ahead and download these free black/white/gold-themed ballot checklist and popcorn box printables to use that special night.

*Print out the popcorn box printable twice for one box. 

Got any predictions? I have a feeling La La Land may take home a lot more than one Oscar. :)

Share your guesses and favorites in the comments below!

2017 Oscars Printables @DrawntoDIY
2017 Oscars Printables @DrawntoDIY
2017 Oscars Printables @DrawntoDIY

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