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Hello and welcome to the Drawn to DIY blog launch week! 

I'm so glad you're here because I'll be sharing EIGHT posts to kick start this new blog. You're reading my very first post so feel free to comment, share, and like. Thanks for visiting! 

I started this year with a move.

In my old apartment there were incessantly noisy neighbors, neglectful management, and no parking (which in Los Angeles is a huge factor). The fact is though, those things were there from the beginning. Maybe not the moment I signed the lease, but definitely in the weeks after.

Of course I could say the place was cheap, but in retrospect, it really wasn’t that cheap. Considering the costs of headaches and stress, it was actually expensive. I just hadn’t put in enough effort in looking for a better place.

So, why did I end up living there for two years?

The answer: stagnation.


I had my old place and remained there. In fact, every day that I was there, I had been choosing to live there. It was routine. It was my comfort zone.

It took two years for me to finally decide to move out and all because of another tenant. It’s a long story so I’ll save that for another post. But in the end, I’m so glad I did because this new place is definitely a step up! There are no noisy neighbors. Management is responsible. And yes, parking is included.

The best part of it all was something I had not expected.

I gained a new perspective.


Instead of worrying about noise or street parking schedules, I became free to do other things. I started decorating the place (mostly DIY), which I found utterly fulfilling. I purged all my useless and ugly old things, which I discovered to be a weight off my shoulders. Lastly, I looked at my place, my relationships, and my life all in a different way.

As a twenty-something, I’m constantly asking questions such as

What am I doing?

Is this what I want to be doing with my life?

Would this decision be best for me or am I doing it for other people?

Are my habits enabling me to live my life to the fullest?

And so on…


Before we get in too deep here, all I want to say is that change can be liberating. You’re detached from the old ways, and there’s an opportunity to make the new ways work better than before. The catch is, YOU need to make it work. Things won't simply fall magically into place. 

So I realized I needed an outlet for all these questions, answers, and uncertainty. I needed a way to organize my thoughts and maybe seek out people who could give me advice. I needed to do something new and well, fun.


The obvious solution was the Internet.


Before you comment below saying how ridiculous this sounds, keep in mind I’m part of that generation. I grew up right smack in the middle of it --- news at my fingertips, social media updates, and immediate feedback, whether it be likes, re-tweets, pins, or comments.

So, why shouldn’t I use this to my advantage?

All this to say is that I decided to start a blog.


I’ll save the “Why a DIY blog?” for another time but for now, here is your free printable.

In case you never return to this site again, I do hope that your takeaway from this one post is this:

Whether you’re deciding to move, thinking of starting a blog, or contemplating on something more important, in the end, it’s up to you to make it happen.


Thank you for visiting during blog launch week!

See you again tom --- I’ll share a trendy grid-patterned DIY using a dollar store item - 3 ways!

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