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In case you missed it, I shared a super easy way to display air plants on your fridge yesterday. 

Today, let's get serious. 


I mentioned in my very first post that as a twenty-something, I have a lot of questions. Some of it include topics about career, relationships, and "the future," while others are more pensive such as purpose, influence, and direction.

Yup, you read that correctly.

If you ever had "one of those days," you'd be familiar with this scenario.

It's the end of the day after a looong day at a job that hardly pays the bills. You dealt with a customer, a co-worker, and your boss, all the while trying to figure out why your printer wouldn't work. You find yourself miraculously home and on your sofa. Did I zombie drive home again? You got a glass of wine on one hand after eating leftovers from the weekend for dinner. The TV show, FRIENDS, is showing but you're not really paying attention to it because you have a dozen chores to do but can't seem to get started. Also, you have a migraine.

Ever seen that meme that says, "I don't want to adult today"? That really made me laugh, mainly because it struck a chord.

The reality is that a lot of us go through something like this at one point or another. Maybe it's a demanding job or a stressful situation. Maybe it's a difficult family member or significant other. Whatever it is, some days we need to just pause and reflect.


There's this beautiful quote from Henry David Thoreau that goes, "live deliberately."

Okay, it's actually only part of a quote but phrased like this, the message is so pure and simple. In fact, men from Socrates to Benjamin Franklin all advocate examining one's life. They promote controlling your life and steering it towards the direction you want. They spoke of living a life of purpose.

Although I don't wish to live on my own in the middle of the woods as Thoreau did (maybe only on Monday mornings before coffee), I do find this quote very thought-provoking and motivational. I'm sharing it with you hoping you like it as well!         


I also mentioned in my previous free printable post that I've been dabbling in brush lettering. While I did not use any brushes here, the technique is similar --- down strokes heavy and up strokes light. I did, however, use pencil first and went through more than a dozen drafts before finally landing on one that I didn't cringe looking at. 

Also, when in doubt, add some gold accents. ;)

Here is your free printable after I scanned and edited the hand lettering in Photoshop. 


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See you again tom --- I'll be sharing a DIY with a beach theme!

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