How to Draw a Basic Wreath

How to Draw a Wreath @DrawntoDIY

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You might have noticed something recently — more and more of those Fall and Winter wreaths have been popping up all over the place. Personally, I like the ones that people hang outside their front doors, which in my mind is sort of a welcome sign for guests and a subtle way of competing with the neighbors for who has the prettiest. Ha!

In any case, this got me thinking to make an easy step-by-step guide to drawing a wreath as something that can be personalized, framed, and added to a shelf or gallery wall. 

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Since your basic wreaths are made up of branches, leaves, berries, and flowers, here's a simple and handy way to draw 10 of them:

How to Draw Basic Branches @DrawntoDIY

How to Draw a Basic Wreath:

01. Using a circular object as your guide (such as a mason jar), draw a circle with a pencil. 

02. Choose around five branches from the example above and draw them around the circle. Some can be connected or a bit overlapping. Feel free to repeat the same branches across each other. 

How to Draw a Basic Wreath @DrawntoDIY
How to Draw a Basic Wreath @DrawntoDIY

03. Once you're happy with your wreath, go over the pencil marks using a pen. 

04. Erase the pencil marks then add an initial or a quote inside the wreath. 

How to Draw a Basic Wreath @DrawntoDIY
How to Draw a Basic Wreath @DrawntoDIY

That's it. Easy, right?

The tricky part is balancing out the branches so not one area is looks too full (unless, of course, this is what you're going for) but that's why I suggested using a pencil first. With a few tries, you'll get the hang of it and create a nice "flow" all around. 

Once you've got the outline, you can now add colors using watercolor, brush pens, crayons, or anything really.

How to Draw a Basic Wreath @DrawntoDIY

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