Thanksgiving Printables

Free Thanksgiving Printables @DrawntoDIY

Hello and welcome back to Drawn to DIY!

Today, I'm sharing another freebie just in time for Thanksgiving which is, in case you didn't realize, next week already!

While we can go on and on about how fast time flies (and how uncertain the next year or four might be), let's all just take a moment to live in the now and think of all the things we can be grateful for, yes?


This printable has two pages. The first is for name place cards and the second is for guests to write down what they are thankful for.  

Free Printables for Thanksgiving @DrawntoDIY
Free Thanksgiving Printable Place Cards @DrawntoDIY

I haven't had time to make DIY place card holders so instead, I made use of office binder clips that I have way too many of. All you have to do is insert a card between the "hands" and let stand on its "head." If the binder clips are loose, simply secure with tape at the back.

Free Seasonal Holiday Thanksgiving Printables @DrawntoDIY

Click here to download your free printables and print on 8.5 x 11" card stock or regular paper. 


Share below: What are YOU thankful for?