Brush Lettering Practice Sheet - Basic Strokes

Free Brush Lettering Practice Sheet for Basic Strokes | @DrawntoDIY

Hello and welcome to Drawn to DIY!

Last week, I shared a modern grid-patterned DIY for your pens.

Today, we're revisiting brush lettering with some basic strokes. 

Brush Lettering Basic Strokes | @DrawntoDIY

It's been a few months since my last lettering post and I realized that it's about time I made another one. After all, I've been trying to get over some fears and be more comfortable sharing my work (mostly in Instagram). 

Although I don't consider myself an expert, I feel like it might be helpful to some people if I'd share the tips I've picked up so far. I've already listed some in this post but here are two more:

  1. Learn the basics

  2. Practice, practice, practice

It's a lot easier to write fancy letters and pretty quotes when you break them down into individual strokes. A basic small letter n, for example, is made up of a downward stroke and a curve over stroke.

Continuous practice of each of the basic strokes will help you make your lettering consistent and it will also serve as a foundation for attempting new ways of writing and trying out different pens.

The following are some basic strokes I practice with. Here, I'm showing both straight and angled versions so you can decide for yourself which you prefer to use.

Downward stroke / full pressure stroke

Brush Lettering Basic Strokes | @DrawntoDIY

Upward stroke / entrance stroke

Brush Lettering Basic Strokes | @DrawntoDIY

Curve under stroke / under turn stroke

Brush Lettering Basic Strokes | @DrawntoDIY

Curve over stroke / overturn stroke

Brush Lettering Basic Strokes | @DrawntoDIY

Compound stroke / curve over under stroke

Brush Lettering Basic Strokes | @DrawntoDIY

Reverse compound stroke / curve under over stroke

Brush Lettering Basic Strokes | @DrawntoDIY

Oval stroke

Brush Lettering Basic Strokes | @DrawntoDIY

Reverse oval stroke

Brush Lettering Basic Strokes | @DrawntoDIY

A good practice word that incorporates some of these strokes is "minimum" as shown here:

Brush Lettering Basic Strokes | @DrawntoDIY

Download your free brush lettering practice sheet for basic strokes here. 

This practice sheet has a spacing of 6.5mm with angled guidelines. The first page is for the basic strokes while the second page is for the practice word. Of course, feel free to try other strokes and practice words since the ones I listed today are all just some basic ones.

Next week, I'll share another brush lettering practice sheet but with the alphabet!

Pen used for this post: Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen, black (Affiliate link)

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