Brush Lettering Practice Sheet - Small Letters

Free Brush Lettering Practice Sheet for Small Letters | @DrawntoDIY

Hello and welcome to Drawn to DIY!

Last week, I posted a brush lettering practice sheet for capital letters. 

Today, I'm sharing another one but this time, for small letters. 

Free Brush Lettering Practice Sheet for Small Letters | @DrawntoDIY

If you've been following the blog for some time, you'll know that I started brush lettering around this time last year. At first, it was just a way to relieve some stress but eventually, it became a hobby I actually consider fun and perhaps something I could develop and be really good at. 

Don't get me wrong. It took me a long time to not be embarrassed by my lettering and still to this day, I wouldn't consider myself an expert. I'm merely sharing these practice sheets as a way to promote brush lettering to others who still haven't taken it up yet. 

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If you're thinking of learning it for yourself, just do it. Getting discouraged at the beginning is completely normal but keep at it, and I promise eventually you'll see some improvements and be so thankful you did. 

I suggest you get inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube or search for some local workshops you can attend in person. 

Download your free brush lettering practice sheet for small letters here. 

Happy writing! :)

Pen used for this post: Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen, black (Affiliate link)