Brush Lettering Practice Sheet


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In case you missed it, I shared an easy DIY grid-patterned container yesterday using a dollar store item. 

Today, I'm letting you in on a secret.


I'm currently trying my hand at brush lettering. I'm definitely no expert, which is the reason why it's a secret. ;) I'm still shy about this hobby of mine but I will promote it simply because of its stress-relieving qualities! I do want to improve on it though so that one day I can make personalized cards, pretty invitations, and even wall art!

I recently came across an article from where the author highlights the benefits of jotting things down. He says that in contrast to typing, writing actually helps you process things better!

All the brush letterers I admire say that it only takes dedicated practice. Your hand will eventually get used to the motions and you'll be familiar with different types of pens. Start small, they say, because it's a hobby that really just takes time.

Here are some quick beginner tips I've learned so far:

  1. Make down strokes heavy and thick by adding pressure as you write.

  2. Make up strokes light and thin by releasing pressure as you write. Try to make it as consistent as possible.

  3. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. In fact, this is how you'll learn your own way of writing. If you wanted to copy someone's exact lettering, opt for fonts instead.

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Another thing I've learned while researching about blogs is that it's good to include readers in your process. Some people even call it "learn out loud." What better way to do this than by making a simple Brush Lettering Practice Sheet that both you and I could use? 

Let me know if you do use them though. I'd love for us to send pretty cards to each other one day!

Update Six Months Later:

I'm continuing the learn out loud approach, this time with CALLIGRAPHY. If you've always wanted to try it out, now is the best time!

Grab your free calligraphy practice sheet + eight beginner tips and tricks I've learned so far. 

Read more articles about the benefits of hand writing here, here, and here.

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See you again tom --- I'll share an easy and stylish way to finally use those Easter eggs you've had for months!

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