Eat Sleep Make Repeat


Hello and welcome to Drawn to DIY!

Yesterday, I shared a brush lettering printable for bloggers.

Today, this is for you DIY-ers. 

I got some good feedback from yesterday's printable so I decided to make another one. I realized "blog" is quite general. You could be a travel blogger, fashion blogger, business blogger, etc. While I do hope a lot of people could identify with yesterday's printable, here is something specifically for makers!  


I'm keeping it short today so here is your free printable


Are you a DIY-er, crafter, or maker? Is there one (or two) you admire? Feel free to share their link below!

Are you a letterer? I've made a free printable for you too! See here

See you again on Thursday for this week's DIY item involving shiny and matte black!