DIY Watermelon Sunglass Case


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Last week, I posted something decorative for your wall.

Today, I'm sharing something practical (and cute!) for your sunglasses. 

One of the best things about summer for me is being outdoors. Whether its going on beach trips or hiking, you'll usually find me out in the sun during this season. I'm also a low maintenance girl so I don't like carrying around a huge bag—the less I carry, the better. One thing I have to have with me though is my sunglasses. The only problem is that the cases that usually come with buying them are bulky and made of leather!


So for this week's DIY, I made a simple but handy sunglass case that isn't too bulky. As for the watermelon concept, well, the shape just fits and I think it's cute! Don't you?


  1. Red felt
  2. White felt
  3. Premium green felt (premium is sturdier than regular felt)
  4. Black felt or a black marker
  5. Craft glue or Unique Stitch
  6. Scissors
  7. Drawing compass or ruler


  1. Cut a circle from the red felt 1" larger than the measurement of your sunglasses. My sunglasses' length is 5.5" so the diameter of my red circle felt should be 6.5". You can use a drawing compass and a pencil or any round object as a guide (ex. plate, bowl, planter, pot lid, etc.). 
  2. Cut a circle from the white felt half an inch larger than the red circle (7").
  3. Cut a circle from the green felt half an inch larger than the white circle (7.5").
  4. Glue the felt pieces on top of one another with the green at the bottom, white in the middle, and red on top. At this point, feel free to trim some edges so that the circles fit better.
  5. Cut small oblong shapes from the black felt (around 0.5") and glue on the red circle. You can also opt to draw the seeds on the red felt using a black marker. 
  6. Fold the circle and glue the edge, leaving a 3-4" opening depending on the size of your sunglasses. Let dry.   

There you have it—a cute and handy sunglass case!


See you again next week (can you believe it's July!?) for another free printable and a pool party decor DIY!


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