DIY Subway Tile Candle Holder


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Last week, I posted a DIY using timeless colors black, white, and gold

Today, I'm sharing a DIY using a timeless item—the subway tile.

What do the New York City skyscrapers, museums, and sports arenas have in common?

No, I'm not talking about stunning architecture or huge chunks of cash that needed to build them.

I'm referring to the city's iconic subway system. 


The subway system connects these and other buildings all throughout the bustling metropolis. And as recognizable as the landmarks themselves, the subway tile has become a popular component of train stations since the early 1900s.

Chosen primarily for its durability, easy maintenance, and beautiful aesthetic, the subway tile has since then been used in kitchens, bathrooms, and even restaurants. 


While I would love a stylish black subway tile kitchen backsplash, I am currently a renter and I doubt my landlady would approve of me hacking away at the kitchen. So for now, a DIY will have to do.



  1. Four short pieces of pipes (you can use plastic or copper but make sure at least two pieces fit the candles you intend to use)
  2. Matte black spray paint
  3. Strong glue (I used E6000)
  4. One black subway tile (at Home Depot, these cost less than $1 each)


  1. Clean the pipes so paint can adhere properly.
  2. Spray paint the pipes black. 
  3. Once dry, glue two pieces of pipe standing up on top of the subway tile. 
  4. Glue two pieces of pipe horizontally underneath the subway tile to serve as a base.  

That's it! 

I was actually surprised with the geometric aspect of this candle holder. I should definitely use more cylindrical shapes next time. And I just love the contrast of shiny and matte black!  


Share below: Are you a fan of subway tiles as well? Do you prefer the white or black ones?

See you again next week for another free printable and 3 easy wedding gift DIYs