DIY Pineapple String Lights


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In case you missed it, I posted a 2-ingredient popsicle recipe last week. 

Today, we're working with pineapples. 

First off, this isn't a recipe post. Sorry if perhaps I misled you but hopefully you find these string lights real cute to forget about food for a bit!

I was in Target one time and I passed by the sale section. You know, that awesome little space where they sell $1-5 items you just can't leave the store without!? I found these battery-operated white grapevine string lights for only $3 and immediately thought I could use them for a neat DIY. Weeks later, I thought of the perfect project!     


You'll need:

  1. Grapevine string lights (any color)
  2. Yellow spray paint
  3. Green felt
  4. Craft glue (I used E6000)
  5. Twist ties


  1. The set I bought had little zip ties to secure the string lights so I just cut them off.
  2. Detach all grapevine balls from the string lights. 
  3. Spray paint the grapevine balls yellow. To save time, I placed them inside a box with foil so I could shake the box around, spray, shake, and spray. Let dry.
  4. Cut the green felt into 5 pieces of 6x2" rectangle sheets. Cut a rough zigzag pattern right down the middle vertically. This makes leaves for two "pineapples." 
  5. Roll up the leaves and glue the edge along the way. Craft glue works best here because it holds very well and dries fast and clear. Glue each rolled-up leaves onto the grapevine balls. At this point, feel free to trim the leaves so it looks more like a pineapple.
  6. Cut twist ties into 3" strips. Since the set had ten lights, I cut 10 pieces.
  7. Use the twist ties to attach the string lights inside the pineapples and hold them in place.

There you go!

I actually searched pineapple string lights on google and apparently there are some products available in stores. They are usually made of plastic and go for around $20+. Luckily this adorable DIY version will only cost you $5!


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