DIY Pineapple Floating Cooler


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Last week, I made a simple but handy case for your sunglasses.

Today, I'm sharing a fun pool accessory for your drinks.

These days when temperatures hit 90 degrees and over, there's no better place I'd rather be than in the water. Whether it's in the beach or in a pool, it's just a great way to cool off as opposed to consuming too much electricity with an A/C. 

Since I find myself spending more and more time poolside, I thought of an excuse to not make several trips to the kitchen and at the same time keep my drinks cold. Ha! This is a whole different level of lazy and you can, of course, use a regular old cooler but hey, isn't this cute?



  1. Clear round plastic container (mine is from the dollar store, 14.5" in diameter)
  2. Green pool noodle (also from the dollar store)
  3. Yellow pool noodle (long enough to go around the plastic container; you can always cut it if it's too long)
  4. Clear packing tape
  5. Craft glue (I used E6000). 


  1. Form a circle out of the yellow pool noodle and see if it will hold the round container. If it is too long, trim it.
  2. Secure the ends of the yellow pool noodle together using packing tape.  
  3. Cut the green pool noodle into three pieces. Cut one end of each of the two pieces into a V shape. These will form the leaves.
  4. Using a generous amount of E6000, glue the three "leaves" together as shown in the photo. Once dry, trim the pieces so that the one in the middle is longer than the two beside it.
  5. Glue the leaves to the yellow circle. Press and hold tightly for a few minutes to secure. 
  6. Insert the round container into the yellow circle. Carefully add your drinks and some ice to the container, making sure the container can support the weight.

I actually got the idea from here and just decided to make one with a shape that's more for summer. *Cool*, huh.

See you again next week for another free printable and a refreshing drink recipe!


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