DIY Pillow with Brush Lettering

DIY Brush Lettered Pillow by Drawn to DIY

Hi and welcome to Drawn to DIY!

Last week, I posted a marble DIY for your entryway.

Today, I'm sharing something simple for your bedroom. 

This week's DIY is something I'm really excited about because of two reasons: it's so easy and it incorporates brush lettering!

I've always wanted my own lettered pillows but for some reason I just haven't found the phrase or design that I want. This desire was re-ignited recently when I started seeing Fall season inspiration over at Pinterest—pumpkin desserts, fireplace styling, and of course, cozy pillows. 

So since I still have some trouble letting go of summer, I chose the phrase "make waves" to hang on to beach season a bit longer. I also like that it's motivational especially since it's one of the first things I'll read when I wake up in the morning.

DIY Brush Lettering Pillow by Drawn to DIY

Since I've started blogging last May, I began practicing brush lettering—it was just one of those things I've always been fascinated with. While I don't think I'm "there yet," I decided to challenge myself and make something decorative for my home that incorporated this somehow. It may seem really simple but for me it's a step forward considering how much I hated my lettering before (see the ones that barely made the cut here). After a few months of practicing, I don't mind using it as home decor now. Yay for small wins!

DIY Brush Lettered Pillow by Drawn to DIY 02

The "make waves" lettering template I made can be downloaded below. To match the scale of a standard size pillowcase (20x30"), you'll need four sheets of 8.5x11" paper, two for each word. All you have to do is fold to connect the letters and tape each word onto a separate piece of cardboard.

Of course, you can personalize this further and choose your own phrase to feature your lettering skills. Excited yet?

DIY Pillow with Brush Lettering by Drawn to DIY 04

You'll need:

  1. Marvy Uchida fabric marker (no ironing needed)
  2. Brush lettering printable of "make waves"
  3. Two standard size white pillowcases, linen or cotton
  4. Printer + black ink
  5. Tape
  6. Two pieces of flat cardboard


  1. Download and print out the template.
  2. Arrange and connect the pages to spell out "make" and "waves." You'll need to fold down the paper to connect the letters from different pages. Tape each word onto a piece of cardboard to prevent bleeding onto the other side. This will serve as a guide for writing directly on the pillowcase.
  3. Insert the "make" cardboard into the middle of the pillowcase and tape in place. Tape the pillowcase onto your table / work space to prevent it from moving while you draw.
  4. Using the fabric marker, trace the outline of the letters first then fill in the spaces afterwards. Since the pillowcases are white, it should be easy to see the letters through the fabric.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the "waves" pillowcase. 
DIY Brush Lettered Pillow by Drawn to DIY 05

So easy, right?

I thought of other phrases like "good night," "sweet dreams," and "rest easy" but "make waves" won my heart because it's both motivational and beach-themed. 

DIY Brush Lettered Pillow by Drawn to DIY 03

Want to make time for DIYs and lettering?

Try using these free printables. >>

Share below: What phrases or words would you write on your pillows?

See you again next week for another free printable and an exciting round-up of DIYs I'm sure you'll enjoy!

DIY Pillow with Brush Lettering by Drawn to DIY