DIY Modern Mason Jars - 3 Ways


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Today, I'm sharing how you can combine the versatility of mason jars and the timelessness of black, white, and gold. 

Mason jars were all the rage a few years ago. It seemed everyone was painting them and using them as decorative containers around their home. It wasn't really surprising since the jars are inexpensive and so versatile. I mean I myself use them to hold my pens and paint brushes.

So for this DIY, I thought to veer away from the more common shabby chic and farm house style of mason jars and make them modern-looking. 


For jar #1, I was going for a simple gold and white color combination. All you need are:

  1. One mason jar with lid
  2. Flat white spray paint
  3. Metallic gold spray paint
  4. Plastic gloves


  1. Clean the jar with rubbing alcohol so the spray paint can adhere to the glass evenly.
  2. Go to a well-ventilated area and spray paint the jar in white. Make sure to keep a 10-12 inch distance and use a horizontal sweeping motion with your arm so that the paint coats evenly and does not bubble. Use gloves to protect your fingers. 
  3. Spray paint both the lid and the cover ring in gold.

For jar #2, I was going for a speckled design. You'll need:

  1. One mason jar
  2. Matte black spray paint
  3. Metallic gold acrylic paint
  4. A paint brush


  1. Repeat steps 1-2 from jar #1 but this time, use black spray paint. 
  2. Once dry, take the jar outside and flick some gold paint onto it using a paint brush. Do this by dipping the brush in paint and with your left hand, hold the brush above the jar. With your other hand, tap the stem of the brush repeatedly so that the paint will flick or fall onto the jar to create a speckled design. 

For jar #3, I wanted to use all three black, white, and gold colors. You'll need:

  1. One mason jar
  2. Matte black spray paint
  3. Flat white spray paint
  4. Clear sealant spray (matte finish)
  5. Painter's tape
  6. Plastic or foil
  7. Gold washi tape


  1. Clean the mason jar with rubbing alcohol and then tape the bottom 3/4 using painter's tape.
  2. Cover the bottom using some plastic or foil. 
  3. Go to a well-ventilated area and spray paint the top part of the jar in black. 
  4. Once dry, spray clear sealant to prevent the black paint from chipping off. 
  5. Once dry, remove the painter's tape and cover the top part with painter's tape and plastic/foil.
  6. Spray paint the bottom of the jar in white. Let dry. 
  7. Remove the tape and plastic/foil and cover the partition of black and white using gold washi tape.

There you have it—three modern mason jars in gold, black, and white. I'm surprised how cool they look that I've even used them as a flower vase and a coffee table accent!