DIY Marbled Seashells with Gold Specks


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Today, let's talk about the beach. 

I'm dreaming of the beach even if it's cloudy here in Los Angeles.

I'm dreaming of the beach although it's only May and summer is a long time from now. 

I'm dreaming of the beach... well, you get what I'm saying.  


Since I still won't be able to soak up some sun and swim in the ocean for a while, I came up with this simple beach-themed DIY to fool myself/make summer come faster.

You'll need:

  1. Seashells (can be found in the dollar store)
  2. Nail polish in blue/indigo color (a cheap one will do)
  3. Plastic container (not suitable for food after) 
  4. Plastic gloves (so you don't mess up your nails)
  5. Paper napkin (so you don't mess up your workspace)
  6. Popsicle stick (or anything you can use to stir)
  7. Warm water (cold water will make the nail polish clump up fast)
  8. Scrap piece of cardboard (big enough to fit all seashells)
  9. Gold acrylic paint (for the gold specks)
  10. Paint brush (for flicking paint)
  11. Cotton string (if you intend to make a garland like I did)
  12. Strong craft glue (I used E6000)


  1. Fill the container with warm water, 3/4 full. Slowly pour some nail polish and slightly stir using a popsicle stick to create a marbled effect on the water. 
  2. Immediately dip a seashell so that it captures the marbled nail polish. Since I made a garland, I repeated this process and marble-d 20 seashells. You can make more or less depending on what you want to do with them (ideas below). Once done, let dry on some napkins. 
  3. Place on a surface (pretty side up) and using some gold acrylic paint, flick some specks on the seashells using a paint brush.  
  4. Once dry, stick each seashell onto the cotton string 3-4 inches apart using some strong craft glue. Leave for a while so the glue can hold. 

There you have it—this blog's first beach-themed DIY!


Some ideas for the marbled seashells with gold specks:

  1. Hang as a garland (like I did) for your home or a party backdrop
  2. Insert in a glass bowl / cylinder as a coffee table or mantle decor
  3. Place on the dining table for a beach-themed gathering
  4. Stick a strong magnet at the back of the seashell to make fridge magnet
  5. Glue on some ribbon as a gift-wrapping accessory

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