DIY Marble Accordion Rack


Hello and welcome to Drawn to DIY!

Last week, I posted a way to personalize your slippers.

Today, I’m sharing a simple DIY for your entryway.

One of the challenges I encounter in any space, particularly a rented apartment, is decorating or making use of the walls. While I'm still compiling art and photos to create a gallery wall, there's this other section in our "entryway" (aka small area beside our door) that I found difficult to fill.   


So when I was in the dollar store one day, I was quite happy to find this vintage wooden peg accordion rack (not sure what the official name is) because it had some potential. I thought of painting it, wrapping it with ribbon, and even drawing on it, but then I realized it's one of the first things we/people would see once we/they enter our apartment so it had to be, well, nice. Fortunately, there's this thing called marble self-adhesive film. 


If you go through Pinterest, you'll find dozens of DIY projects that use marble film, and because the process is so easy—just measure, peel, and stick—it remains a favorite among makers and home decorators.

These are all you need for this DIY:

  1. Wooden accordion rack (I found mine at a local dollar store but check out the bottom of this post for an alternative)
  2. Marble self-adhesive film
  3. White paint or spray paint
  4. Screw driver
  5. Pencil or marker
  6. Ruler
  7. Utility knife or X-acto knife


  1. Disassemble the accordion rack using a screw driver.
  2. Gather the pegs and paint or spray paint them white. Let dry.
  3. Lay out the sticks on the back of the self-adhesive film and mark about 1/2 an inch around each one. Cut and adhere onto the sticks. Use a utility knife to cut around the rounded ends.  
  4. Assemble the accordion rack including the painted pegs and wall hooks.

I'm really pleased with how this DIY turned out because it's so much prettier than just painting it like I initially wanted to do. Plus thinking about how easy and simple it is makes me like it even more!

What dollar store items have you repurposed? Share them below!

P.S. Those stargazer lilies were bought only that morning but I'll show how beautiful they've bloomed on Instagram. They're one of my favorites!

See you again next week for another free printable and a DIY for your bed!