DIY Magnetic Air Plant Holders


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In case you missed it, I shared a simple practice sheet yesterday for brush lettering. Have you tried it?

For today, I wanted to share a little win. 

I have a tendency to keep things I don't need until they pile up. It's ironic because I love minimalist decor; however, there are just some stuff that I can't seem to get rid off! 

One thing that falls in this category is holiday decor, particularly the non-big holiday decors like Easter eggs. A set can be purchased for only a dollar yet I still had some lying around and it's already May! 

So I'm pretty proud to share this cute and useful DIY out of plastic Easter eggs. It's also perfect for those of you with too many air plants. But honestly, can one ever have too many air plants?

Here are the steps which are also shown in the photo below:

  1. If you are happy with the color of the eggs, proceed to step 2. If not, you can paint or spray paint them first and let dry. 
  2. Grab one plastic Easter egg and separate the two halves by cutting. Discard the smaller piece.
  3. Using a bit of craft glue (I used E6000), stick a strong magnet near the opening of the egg half. Press until you feel it adhering well, about a minute. 
  4. Wait for a few hours for it to completely hold and then insert your air plant.

The air plants hold up surprisingly well even with constant opening and closing of the refrigerator at our home. Didn't need wires or anything. 

Have I mentioned how cute they look? Was thinking of making a whole dozen of them but I had already discarded the rest of the eggs. Maybe next year?


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