DIY Pastel Painted File Sorters

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Last week, I shared a minimal motivational print

Today, I'm using a simple way to decorate some file sorters — with paint! 

DIY Pastel Painted File Sorters @DrawntoDIY

I was cleaning up my apartment a few days ago and found that I still have these Ikea file sorters made of cardboard. It came in a pack of five and while I covered two of them last year with Con-tact paper, I never really got around to bother with these three others. 

So since I also wanted to add a bit of color to my workspace (I always tend to keep it minimal), here we go with a pastel colorblock and black splatter design!


  • 3 white file sorters (I got a set of five from Ikea)
  • Painter's tape
  • Paint brush
  • Pastel paint in pink, blue, and green (I used chalk paint but you can use acrylic)
  • Black paint
DIY Pastel Painted File Sorters @DrawntoDIY


  1. Assemble the file sorters as directed and tape the 1/3 mark (from the bottom) using painter's tape. 
  2. Paint the bottom of each file sorter in the pastel paints. After two hours, apply a second coating and allow to dry again.
  3. Gently remove the painter's tape. 
  4. Take the file sorters outside and splatter black paint onto all sides. Allow to dry.
DIY Pastel Painted File Sorters @DrawntoDIY
DIY Pastel Painted File Sorters @DrawntoDIY
DIY Pastel Painted File Sorters @DrawntoDIY
DIY Pastel Painted File Sorters @DrawntoDIY

And there you have it. Easy, right?

I chose to paint it only 1/3 of the way since I prefer having a contrast between white and pastel. But feel free to paint the entire thing if that's what you'd like. I also chose chalk paint instead of acrylic so I can easily label (or doodle on) the file sorters when I feel like it. Lol

DIY Pastel Painted File Sorters @DrawntoDIY

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