DIY Hoop Wall Decor


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Last week, I posted a DIY for your outdoor space

Today, I'm sharing an easy and inexpensive DIY decor for your wall. 

I was looking through my Pinterest account the other day and noticed that most of my interior design pins have a minimalist + functional theme going on. A little monochrome and a lot of Scandinavian/Nordic. I find it light, calming, and downright beautiful so I guess I have this thing with white space and the "less-is-more" approach to styling.

Pinterest helps me as a new blogger (I started May '16) define my style and also when it comes to decorating my space. I'm currently a renter so you see how limited I am in making my home homey and personalized. Our walls are all white which I love but a few picture frames and wall hangings could really tie the place together and not make it look like model unit.


So for this week's DIY, I thought to make a simple monochrome wall decor. Plus, we recently bought a hula hoop thinking we could have some fun with it but quickly realized we couldn't hula hoop to save our lives so instead of throwing it in the trash, here's a DIY!


  1. Hula hoop (one from the dollar store will do, 22")
  2. Satin ribbon in black
  3. Satin ribbon in white
  4. Copper washi tape
  5. Craft glue
  6. White paint
  7. Black paint
  8. Paint brush


  1. Paint half of the hula hoop in black and the other half in white. Let dry.
  2. Starting from the middle of the hoop, stretch the black ribbon across and glue it to each "end."
  3. Repeat step #2 working your way from the middle going up and then going down, alternating between white and black ribbons.
  4. Use the copper washi tape to fill in some spots instead of ribbon.
  5. If you'd like to replicate my placement of stripes, it's (from top to bottom): 6 white, 1 black, 3 white, 1 black, 2 white, 1 black, 1 copper, 2 black, 1 copper, and 6 black strips of ribbon.

You can, of course, change the placements of the colors to your liking. I actually thought of using colorful ribbons at some point, maybe some ombre blues or pinks, or a rainbow effect, but I ended up going with black and white. At that point, I wasn't quite satisfied so I decided to throw in a touch of copper. In the end, I love how the metallic color pops out instead of it being just a simple black and white wall hanging.

Bonus: This could be used for some party/photo backdrops—just change the ribbon colors (to match the party theme), layer two or more hoops, or even add some blooms/greens!


Best part: it costs less than $10! 


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What interior design trends and patterns are you *drawn to*? Would you like to see more dollar store DIYs?


See you again next week—I'll share a free printable + tutorial how to make galaxy letters! Oh and a cute and handy DIY