DIY Grid Air Plant Wall Hanging


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Yesterday, I shared a free printable to help cope with Mondays

Today, it's all about repurposing things. 

If you've been following this blog's launch week (thank you!), you'll know that I shared a DIY grid container in my second post. And since the grid pattern is so trendy right now, I decided to repurpose these into something else you can use around the home. Along with the air plants from my fourth post, I thought to make a simple wall decor that is both striking and renter-friendly.


You'll need a painted dollar store suet feeder in matte black (see post #2 for instructions), any black-colored string, and some air plants.

Simply tie the air plants carefully using the string and wrap around the front of the grid containers. If you do not want to tie the air plants, you can also opt to just place the air plants inside. Since the grid containers already have two holes for screws, all you have to do is hang those things up on the wall!


You can hang them up straight and leveled or tilted to make a diamond shape like I did. Either way, the geometric pattern of the containers add some depth and interest to an otherwise blank wall.


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