DIY Framed Initials


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This is part 2 of 3 easy and inexpensive wedding gift DIYs. 

Part 1 is something the newly weds could use: Personalized Salad Servers.

Part 2 is something for display. 

Easy Wedding Gift DIY #2 - Framed Initials

Yesterday, I mentioned a tip in case you're thinking of a gift for a wedding. Your gift should fall under at least one of these categories: 1) something they can use, 2) something for display, and 3) something they can share. 

Okay, when I said something for display, of course the gift has to be thoughtful too. You can give them a piece of framed art any other time but their wedding gift should be more special. 

I found these awesome acetates with reflective gold script from Michaels. The phrases on them are real sweet like "collect memories not things," "made with love," "delight in the little things," "today is a fresh start" and other cheesy sayings (but perfect for a wedding gift, if you ask me!).



  1. Acetate with gold script from Michaels
  2. Black marker
  3. Frame (I got this from Ikea)
  4. White card stock paper


  1. Cut out white card stock paper and the acetate in the size of your frame. 
  2. Using a marker, write the initials of the couple directly on top of the acetate. Make sure the letters are bold and visible against the gold script background. If you want, you can play around on the computer then print out a guide to help you with writing the couple's initials. 
  3. Frame both the white card stock and gold script acetate.

There you have it—something thoughtful the couple could put on display!

You don't need to be an artist here, that's why I said to only write their initials. But if you want, you could also write their wedding date, places they've been, or their favorite song, and so on. 

Next up is Easy Wedding Gift DIY #3 - something the newly weds can share!


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