DIY Constellation Slippers


Hi and welcome to Drawn to DIY!

Last week, I posted a beach blanket DIY using the shibori technique.

Today, I'm sharing my first sewing project and it's so easy!

Guys, I'm really excited that it's August because of three dates: my birthday, my boyfriend's birthday, and our anniversary! Woot woot! We usually keep stuff low key but now that I'm a blogger, I felt compelled to share it here. To mark this special month, I made a simple DIY with zodiac constellations in mind.  


Aside from finding constellations pretty to look at, I don't actually believe in horoscopes or Astrology. I do, however, find it interesting how the ancients studied the stars and planets, and tried to figure out our place among them. I've always been drawn to space exploration and Astronomy, after all, so much so that I've even shared a brush lettering tutorial on how to create a galaxy effect here

Now, time for the DIY!



  1. A pair of black bedroom slippers (I got mine from Ikea for $2 a pair)
  2. White thread
  3. Sewing needle
  4. Water soluble pencil (optional)
  5. Image of the constellation you wish to use
  6. Scissors


  1. Cut out the tags of the bedroom slippers.
  2. Copy a constellation onto a piece of paper small enough to fit the top of the slippers. Use this as a guide for sewing, making sure the image is the right size.
  3. Optional: Draw the constellation directly onto the slippers using a water soluble pencil.
  4. Use french knots to sew the points or stars of the constellation onto the slippers. If you do not know how to make a french knot, don't worry because it's so easy! Check out this 20-second video.
  5. Once you have sewn in all the stars, connect the dots using simple long stitches.
  6. Sew some more stars/french knots around the constellation.    

I used the zodiac constellation Leo for my slippers but of course, feel free to use any other sign you wish. Just use the same concept—sew the points or stars first then the lines second. Be careful passing the needle inside the slippers since the small opening makes it tricky to not get pricked by the sharp end. 

I think this would make a great personalized birthday gift (you'll never forget birthdays after making this!) or even a housewarming gift (who doesn't wear slippers?). Can you think of people you could give this to?  


See you again next week for another free printable and an entryway DIY!