DIY 5-Minute Pumpkin Decor

DIY 5-minute Pumpkin Decor by Drawn to DIY

Hello and welcome to Drawn to DIY!

Last week, I posted a DIY for reusable statement banners.

Today, I'm celebrating the first day of Fall with a super fast and simple pumpkin decor DIY.

With the holiday season fast approaching, I can't help but look back on the previous gatherings and traditions we've had over the years — the relatives and friends I spent this time with, the awesome food we prepared and ate, and the loving stories swapped over the dinner table.

One memory that surprised me though is that everyone was incredibly stressed. Whether in charge of roasting the turkey, or picking up Porto's pastries (it's best to call in advance!), each person, it seemed, was always rushing and all over the place.

DIY 5-minute Pumpkin Decor by Drawn to DIY 04

So for this week's DIY (and some more over the next few weeks), I decided to share easy projects you can complete real fast in order to make time for other activities.


  1. 1 small and 1 large white plastic pumpkins (I got mine from Michaels)
  2. Orange twine (I got mine from Target's sale section)
  3. All-purpose glue
  4. Tape
DIY 5-minute Pumpkin Decor by Drawn to DIY steps


  1. Tape one end of the orange twine to the pumpkin around the 1/4 mark from the top.
  2. Using all purpose glue, circle the pumpkin around three times to use as a guide for where you will place the twine. 
  3. Press down the twine following the line of glue that you made. At this point, don't make straight and uniform stripes. The more "casual" it looks, the better. It will be a bit messy too but don't worry because it'll dry clear and clean up will be easy afterwards.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for additional "stripes" at the halfway mark, and at the 3/4 mark.
  5. Allow to dry.
DIY 5-minute Pumpkin Decor by Drawn to DIY 03

You can, of course, use different color combinations or materials — orange pumpkins with white twine, or use some tassels and pompom trim. I chose twine because it doesn't fray as easily as yarn and it has a mild "rustic" feel to it. The idea here is to stick to simple and minimalist decor that won't break the bank or consume so much time. 

DIY 5-minute Pumpkin Decor by Drawn to DIY 02

That's it! Easy, right?


Do you know some quick DIYs you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

See you again next week for another free printable and a roundup of awesome workspaces!