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For the past few weeks, I've been posting lettering techniques I apply using the Tombow dual brush pens.

Today, I'm sharing my favorite: blending.

I've found four ways to blend colors using these pens: 

  1. Using the blending pen (included in the 10-piece set) 
  2. Using the blending palette (sold separately) or almost any flat plastic surface
  3. Tip to tip
  4. Using a waterbrush (regular brush + water could work too but this is more convenient)

01. Blending pen

Simply write or draw on paper, and using the blending pen, go over two or more colors where they meet. No need to worry about staining this amazing pen—all you need to do is keep writing on a scratch piece of paper and the colors will eventually fade back to clear. 

02. Blending palette

Similar to a using a regular palette or mixing tray, apply colors onto the blending palette and "pick up" the colors using any pen. The color/s will transfer to the pen you are currently holding so you can draw directly on a piece of paper.

03. Tip to tip

This is pretty self explanatory. Instead of using a blending palette, mark the tip of a pen using another color of pen (usually dark to light) then draw directly on paper. This is the technique I used for this post's printable. 

04. Waterbrush

Draw or write on paper first using the pens. Afterwards, use the waterbrush to blend all the colors together to create a watercolor effect. Obviously you can use a regular brush and some water but using a waterbrush is more convenient. 

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