3 Takeaways from Think and Grow Rich

3 Takeaways from Think and Grow Rich

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Since today is the first Monday of the month, this post is part of the blog's mini series called 3 Takeaways where I share three insights from an inspiring book, leader, or podcast.

This October is about American author Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, written in 1937.

Before we get started, although this is almost 80 years old, the themes from this book are still relevant today. In fact, ask some of the top leaders you know and they'll say this is one of their most favorite books.

This isn't a step-by-step guide to simply acquire money either, which makes it more powerful, I think. Instead, the author suggests ways to psychologically and mentally train yourself to acquire true riches or reach any goal. 


1. "There is a difference between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it."

The author mentions this in the first step towards riches. He says more than wishing, we need an intense burning desire to reach our goals. Before anything else, we need to believe we will attain it, otherwise, it'll never materialize. 

Hill suggests practicing a morning and evening routine: be specific and state your goals, what you intend to do in exchange, and the timeframe you will set in order to accomplish those goals. Write these down, and recite to yourself twice a day. 


2. Train your subconscious mind by way of autosuggestion 

Believe it or not, our subconscious mind plays a big role in our lives. Remember the quote by Henry Ford, "whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right?" Well, Ford is actually mentioned several times in the book and it's clear why. 

Hill suggests planting seeds of affirmation in your brain. Nowadays, people make vision boards for their desk or mirror but even a simple Dream Board in Pinterest can help so you can repeatedly picture yourself having already accomplished your goals.  



3. Master the six fears 

In contrast to #2 where you feed your mind with positivity, we can't help but sometimes be plagued by our fears. Although everyone has fears (ex. fear of poverty, fear of criticism, fear of death, etc.), remember that fear is still a state of mind. It has not materialized so you have control over your state of mind. In order to attain true riches, we need to recognize and then master them, otherwise they will master us.

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P.S. Some awesome people are making a film about this book, scheduled to be released in 2017. You can help fund it here!